The VZ Operator II™ is our most popular grip for a reason. With diagonally cut grooves on the back and a more aggressive golfball pattern at the front, these grips are the perfect balance of spicy and sweet right where you need it most. Combine that with the beautiful aesthetics of the texture, and unbeatable durability of G-10 and it’s no wonder people love this grip. Many others have tried to duplicate it, but nothing beats the original from VZ. Great for concealed carry, target practice, competition shooting, and even safe queens.

Our Taurus SFR grips fit the following models:

  • Taurus 856
  • Taurus 605
  • Taurus 380UI
  • Taurus 85 (steel frame)
  • Taurus CIA650
  • Taurus CIA850
  • Taurus 905
  • Taurus 941 (older .22 model)
  • Taurus 94 (older .22 model)
Frame: Taurus SFR
Material: G10
Aggressiveness: 4/5


VZ Operator II™ - Taurus SFR