AR-15 Grips

When VZ Grips first began looking to create G-10 grips for the AR 15 platform, we went through a lot of options; from split two-piece designs, to a metal frame that would accept 1911 grips. We eventually realized that there was only one correct way to do things. All of VZ's AR15 grips are milled from solid blocks of G-10 using a high precision 4-axis CNC machine. This gave us the freedom to make our grips as durable as possible, with the right shape and profile, and unique textures wrapping all the way around the backstrap.

Shoot and carry with confidence knowing your rifle grip is made to last! The solid G-10 construction of VZ’s AR grips means that there are no seams to crack or come unglued. Our grips have been torture tested by thousands of customers for years, and not once have we had to process a return because of a broken grip.

With a variety of textures, from the mild Frag to the ultra aggressive VZ Stipple, we’ve got the perfect AR grip with just the right amount of bite for your shooting style.