The VZ 320 grip is one of the smoothest grips we produce. They have just enough texture left over from the CNC machining to be comfortable and to give you good purchase on your gun. The simplicity of the design shows off the layers of color in the G-10 material. With all of our most popular colors (and even some less popular ones) to choose from, these grips look fantastic on any gun.

Our Taurus SFR grips fit the following models:

  • Taurus 856
  • Taurus 605
  • Taurus 380UI
  • Taurus 85 (steel frame)
  • Taurus CIA650
  • Taurus CIA850
  • Taurus 905
  • Taurus 941 (older .22 model)
  • Taurus 94 (older .22 model)
Frame: Taurus SFR
Material: G10
Aggressiveness: 1/5


VZ 320 - Taurus SFR