Inspired by our original Gator Back our 1911 Alien® grips were originally designed for the Precision Weapons Section of the U.S. Marine Corps, but quickly became a favorite as soon as we offered them to retail customers. These grips offer a great blend of form and function, proving a decent amount of bite without being too harsh while looking good on modern and classic 1911s alike. Great for concealed carry, target practice, or even safe queens.

VZ's 1911 grips are designed to fit all of the most popular full-size (Government or Commander) 1911 models from Colt®, Springfield Armory®, Kimber®, Rock Island Armory®, Dan Wesson Firearms®, and many more. Ambi-Safety cuts are available for all major types of safeties. If you’re looking for grips to fit a compact (Officer’s) frame, please look here.


Frame: Full-Size 1911
Weight: 2.19oz - 62.0g (approximate)
Material: G10 or Micarta
Aggressiveness: 2/5
Color Options: Army Green, Black, Black Desert SandBlack Gray, Desert SandDirty Olive, Earth BrownGreen Canvas (Micarta), Hyena BrownMilitary Brown, Moccasin, Plus P Pink, Predator GreenSteel Gray, Tiger Stripe, Zebra, Marsoc, Green Lantern, Worple, Blue Black

Just like all of our other G-10, Micarta, and Aluminum products, VZ's Alien® 1911 grips are custom made and hand finished right here in the USA, by Americans, from materials made in America, using machines also made in America.


1911 Alien® - Full-Size Grips