Simply put, this is the most FINISHED beavertail grip safety available for the high-end custom 1911. But what do I mean by “FINISHED”?

To my eyes, this represents what a beavertail grip safety should look like at the END of a world-class beavertail fit job - including fitting, blending, dehorning and shaping to the frame.

It’s not a starting point. It’s the finish line. Flowing lines and sweeping contours befitting the finest custom pistols. Perfect ergonomics. Radiused, dehorned edges that perfectly follow complex curves. Clean machining, expertly hand finished.


Advanced, Experienced Design- Leveraging nearly 2 decades of my personal experience fitting beavertail grip safeties to some of the most sought after custom 1911s. Designed completely in house, every arc, curve, spline carefully was scrutinized, against a backdrop of years “in the trenches” doing world-class beavertail fits.

Meticulously Manufactured. On high-end, extremely rigid and accurate Japanese machinery capable of mold-making precision. Multi-axis machining techniques allow for extreme dimensional consistency, leading to more precise fitting to the pistol. These are made under my personal watchful eye. No dickering with vendors, no accepting something that’s “good enough” because you don’t want to hassle with sending back a batch that wasn’t quite right. Here, it either meets my extremely high standards or it goes in the scrap bin. Period.

Detailed machining. Intricate details abound. No toolpath overruns to polish out. No machining artifacts to buff and sand out. Flats are flat, rounds are round.

Highest Quality Materials - heat treated 4140 chrome-moly and 416 stainless steel. No skimping with butter-soft materials. Properly hardened steel fits up better, finishes better, and of course, is more durable.

Expertly Hand Finished.


.246 radius - Allows room to perfectly blend to frames already cut for a .250 radius, such as Kimber. Bonus - out of the box, it is a near-perfect fit to current production Colt frames cut for a beavertail (Competition, Combat Elite, Defender, Commander, etc). When combined with a max size thumb safety shaft (such as on our soon to be released Chen Thumb Safety), it yields a tight, near-seamless fit to the frame tangs with very minimal, if any, fitting.

Oversized in key dimensions to allow the best fit. No wobbling or excess movement in the frame.

Precision reamed thumb safety hole.

Lowered engagement pad, enhances shooter’s ability to disengage safety.

Speed takedown notch

Extremely high grip, while maintaining a comfortable contact surface with the hand. In the quest for ‘highest’, sometimes grip safeties can be too flat on the underside, which is uncomfortable for the shooter.

Available in "70 series" and "80 series" versions. Our 80 Series grip safeties are compatible with both 70 and 80 series pistols, though NOT compatible with Kimber "II" pistols. Our 70 Series grips safeties are suitable for 1911 pistols with original a.k.a Series 70 firing mechanism, and also Kimber "II" models.

This is not a drop-in part. While the Chen Beavertail Grip Safety itself is a nearly finished part, it does require frame modifications to install. Frame tangs must be cut to a .246 radius and the top and bottom of the frame need to be blended to the part for a great fit.


Chen Beavertail Grip Safety