Show your Colt® pride for the original 1911 company with the VZ's Colt® Logo Series 1911 grips. Unlike the old wood grips originally designed for the 1911, VZ's Double Diamonds are precision machined from durable G-10 to give you the strongest possible grip while maintaining that classic look. Great for safe queens, concealed carry, or target practice.

VZ's 1911 grips are designed to fit all of the most popular compact (Officer’s) 1911 models from Colt®, Smith & Wesson®, Kimber®, Les Baer Custom, Wilson Combat®, and many more. But really? Are you going to put these on anything other than a Colt®? If you’re looking for a grip to fit a full-size (Government or Commander) frame, please look here.


Frame: Compact 1911
Weight: 2.07oz - 58.6g (approximate)
Material: G10
Aggressiveness: 2/5
Color Options: Black, Black Cherry, Black Gray, Blue Black, Red, White, & Blue, Ivory

Just like all of our other G-10, Micarta, and Aluminum products, VZ's Double Diamond Colt Logo Series 1911 grips are custom made and hand finished right here in the USA, by Americans, from materials made in America, using machines also made in America.

Colt® is a federally registered trademark of Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC.


1911 Colt® Logo Series - Compact Size