Slim Rail Grips

VZ Slim KMG’s™ are THE slim lo-profile grip solution for your favorite KeyMod platform. They are precision machined out of G10 laminates in our proprietary textures and colors. The 4” and 2” panels are squared and flat at the ends which allows them to butt up to each other without gaps. All corners are rounded and smoothed to eliminate snags or uncomfortable pinch points. Use these as stand alone pieces to locate where you need the most grip on your weapons platform or daisy chain them to make a textured heat shield since insulation is one of the attributes of G10. We have partnered up with Bravo Company USA® to use their new Patent Pending Inverted KeyMod™ screw. Designed by Eric Kincel, BCM® Director of Product Development and designer of the KeyMod System. The inverted and “Nut-less” screw is an awesome feature that eliminates extra hardware and uses a T15 torx head which is already a standard for all VZ grip screws. VZ Weapon Solutions™ will be the first grip Mfg. to bring these to market outside of BCM®.
• 4” Slim KMG’s : 14g / .195” Thick / .600 Wide
• 2” Slim KMG’s : 7g / .195” Thick / .600 Wide