VZ Universal Leather Holster - Crafted for Unmatched Versatility and Durability!

Looking for a holster that can accommodate your 1911's, including those with rails, and Hi-Powers of any size or configuration? Look no further! Our VZ Universal Leather Holster is designed to meet your every need.

Universal Fit for All Sizes and Configurations: From classic 1911's to Hi-Powers, this holster fits them all, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. It's versatile enough to handle any size or configuration, including rail-equipped firearms.

Outside the Waistband Design: Our holster is designed for outside-the-waistband carry, providing a comfortable and discreet way to carry your firearm.

Slim Profile for Ultimate Concealment: Concealed carry requires discretion, and our holster delivers with a slim profile that helps you stay concealed without printing.

Forward Tilt for Quick Draws: Quick and reliable access to your firearm is crucial in self-defense situations. The forward tilt design ensures a natural and rapid draw, giving you the confidence you need when it matters most.

Solid Leather, Open Construction: Handcrafted in the USA using top-quality leather, our holster offers durability and reliability. Its open construction is tailored for swift deployment from concealment, providing peace of mind and readiness.

Elevate your concealed carry experience with the VZ Universal Leather Holster, proudly handcrafted in the USA. Versatile, discreet, and built for quick deployment, it's the holster you can rely on. Order yours today and experience the difference!


VZ Universal Leather Holster

This product is currently unavailable. Please check back soon.

This product is currently unavailable. Please check back soon.