The VZ Recon 1911 grips are seriously aggressive! The deeply cut, tight-packed golfball pattern creates hundreds of small points that dig in and don't let go. And to make the VZ Recon grips even more functional we include standard both a thumb notch and a beveled bottom at no extra cost. We don't recommended these for the faint of heart or those with soft skin. These grips are perfect for hitting the range, competition shooting, or even safe queens.

VZ's 1911 grips are designed to fit all of the most popular full-size (Government or Commander) 1911 models from Colt®, Springfield Armory®, Kimber®, Les Baer®, Dan Wesson Firearms®, and many more. Ambi-Safety cuts are available for all major types of safeties. If you’re looking for a grip to fit a compact (Officer’s) frame, please look here.


Engraving: Molon Labe
Frame: Full-Size 1911
Weight: 1.99oz - 56.4g (approximate)
Material: G10
Aggressiveness: 5/5
Color Options: BlackBlack GrayDirty Olive, Earth BrownHyena BrownMilitary Brown, Marsoc

Just like all of our other G-10, Micarta, and Aluminum products, VZ Recon 1911 grips are custom made and hand finished right here in the USA, by Americans, from materials made in America, using machines also made in America.


1911 VZ Recon™ - Molon Labe