The Operator II™ is our most popular grip texture; with diagonally-cut grooves on the back and a more aggressive golfball pattern at the front, these grips are the perfect balance. Combine that with the beautiful aesthetics of the texture, unbeatable durability of G-10, and custom color options; these grips are great for concealed carry, target practice, competition shooting, and even safe queens.

These CZ97 grips include a palm swell for additional grip thickness for more shooting control. Shop the non-palm swell version of the Operator II™ CZ 97 grip.

Frame: CZ 97
Texture: VZ Operator II
Weight: 2oz (approximate)
Material: G10
Aggressiveness: 4/5
Style: Palm Swell
Color Options: Black, Black Gray, Brown, Green


CZ 97 - VZ Operator II™ Palm Swell