G10 Browning Hi-Power grips with VZ Recon texture and palm swell (fits the new Springfield Armory SA-35). Our Hi-Power grips are some of the most comfortable out there. They are slimmer than the factory grips that come with your Hi-Power.

The VZ Recon grips are seriously aggressive! The deeply cut, tight-packed golfball pattern creates hundreds of small points that dig in and don't let go to help you retain your pistol in the most extreme match or tactical situations, even when the grip is wet or oily. We don't recommended these for the faint of heart or those with soft skin. These grips are perfect for hitting the range, competition shooting, or even safe queens.

Frame: Browning Hi-Power
Material: G10
Aggressiveness: 5/5
Style: Palm Swell


Browning® Hi-Power - Palm Swell - VZ Recon