Our Story


My name is John VanZyck. Shooting and gun collecting has been a hobby and passion of mine ever since my dad gave me my first .22 back when I was ten or so. We spent many a weekend in the Everglades target shooting and telling stories of how his dad did the same with him. I am now an avid hunter in Northern Florida as well as a regular at the Tallahassee Rifle & Pistol Club outdoor range. You’ll find me participating in numerous events throughout the year which include NRA Action Pistol, USPSA matches, Glock matches (only when they bug me enough), High Power, and CMP matches. I love it all! Something about that smell of gunpowder just does it for me.

At the 2008 SHOT Show I was elected to the Board of Directors of the “Louder Than Words” organization. It’s a great bunch of guys (only America’s finest pistol smiths and other gun talents) that has fun getting together to give back. We put together yearly raffles of custom guns and accessories and give all the proceeds to selected charities. It’s an honor to be affiliated with this tremendous group of talent. Please take the time to check us out.


We currently design grips for:

Colt 1911
The 1911 grips will fit most clones such as Springfield Armory, Kimber, Nighthawk, Ed Brown, Wilson Combat, and a host of other 1911’s. They come in numerous configurations to fit all sizes which include, Full Size, Commander, Compact, Bobtail™, Beveled Bottom, Squared Bottom for Magwells, Round Bottoms for the E-Series, and Ultra Slims.

Browning Hi Power
The Hi Power grips will fit most of the newer Mark ll and lll produced after 1982.

Springfield EMP™
The Springfield EMP™ grips will only fit the EMP™, even though they look like they may fit your officer size 1911 they won’t.

Sig P238

Colt Double Eagle

Colt Mustang

S&W J-Frame

Rohbraugh R9

CZ 75

Beretta 92

Para Ordinance P-14

Ruger 22/45

Other platforms are soon to come.

Many texture and color options are also provided so an individual can tailor their handgun to the task for which they will be using it. I will also take, by phone, semi-custom orders to make additional modifications that may not be found on our website. Some examples of our modifications are beveled bottoms, rounding all points for carry, ambidextrous safety cuts, inlay medallions, and laser etching to name a few.

Our grips are currently being used by the best in the businesses, which include USMC Force Recon, Navy SEAL teams, Homeland Security, U.S. Border Patrol, FBI, LAPD, Numerous SWAT teams throughout the country, Jordanian Elite Security Force, and most especially people like you.


Micarta is a trade name that was given to thermoset composites back in the 1890’s by Westinghouse. We chose Micarta® and G10 for three reasons:

1. Durability: They have a higher tensile strength than steel. It is used in storm shelters to provide state of the art protection rooms to ward off the threats from tornadoes. It is also being tested to armor aircraft cockpit doors.
2. Impervious to changes in temperature: This material will not swell, warp, or crack with changes in temperature. It is an excellent insulator against heat. Unlike other so called high-end grips on the market, ours stays cool and comfortable.
3. Texture: When milled, Micarta and G10 gives a highly slip resistant surface.

*** Read more about the materials we use on the Materials 101  page.


The meat and potatoes of this site are the grips; however, I have the love for other cool toys such as the AR10, AR15, Browning Hi Power, Shotguns, and edged weapons. If I come across anything that catches my eye that I can bring to my customers through this site, I will. I have added and hope to continue to add items that complement the 1911 such as lanyards, MSH units, holsters, high quality replacement parts for the MIM junk that you see used a lot, etc. If you see or make something along these lines feel free to contact me. Let’s get it out for all to see.

Customer Service Is #1

I have worked inside and outside of the retail and wholesale environment for quite some time and have come to the conclusion that if you do not try to please your customers, you’re in the wrong business! I aim to please everyone I can. Your suggestions, complaints, ideas, even bad jokes… I want to hear. I will only offer you my best!

If you are unhappy with your grips, or they do not fit your particular application, return them within 14 days of purchase and I will reimburse you the cost minus shipping. There will be a restocking fee of $20 for the return of *Custom Cut grips. 

* Custom Cut Grips are any grips that receive additional modifications prior to shipping by customers instructions.
“Choose your equipment wisely…
For there may come a day when you will call upon the equipment you have chosen.”