VZ Grips Frequently asked questions

1) What is an Ambi Safety cut? What type do I need?

You will need an Ambi Safety cut if your gun is a 1911 and has a safety on both sides.

Standard Ambi Safety cut- You can choose the Standard Ambi Safety cut if you have a Standard or Clone 1911 with the following exceptions:

*Rock Island- You will need to select the Rock Island Ambi Safety cut if you have a Rock Island 1911.

*STI/Taurus- You will need to select the Taurus/STI Ambi Safety cut if you have a Taurus or STI 1911.

*Extended Ambi Safety- You will need to select the Extended Ambi Safety cut if you have an Extended Ambi safety on your pistol.

     *Kimber- Normally Kimber’s do not have the footer that requires the Ambi Safety cut even if they have a safety on both sides. If you want to be sure you can remove the stock panels from your weapon to see if there is a Thumb nail sized slit in the back of the right grip that faces the frame.

The link below will illustrate the Ambi Safety cuts as described above.



2) How do I build my 1911 grips?

We offer almost all of our 1911 styles for a Full size and Compact sized frame. We also offer Slim-line grips in most styles. Once you pick the style and color of the grips that you like you will begin to build your new grips through a series of drop down bars. You will need to answer the drop down bars one at a time starting at the top in order to build your grips correctly.

     *The first drop down bar will ask you the frame size of the gun you are ordering your new grips for. We offer Full size and Compact. If you are not sure of the size of your frame you can look at the link below that will address frame size.


      *The second drop down bar will ask about  the thickness of the grips that you would like to order. It is important to know which thickness  your stock grips are so that you can order correctly. If you are changing thicknesses, you will need to purchase and install both our Universal Bushings and any set of our screws to accommodate for the difference in the thickness of the new panels. The link provided below will give an illustration of both our Standard Thickness and Slim-line grips and the measurements for both.


      *The third drop down bar will ask you about the profile of your new grips. This really just means what you would like the bottom of your grips to look like. Certain frames require a certain profile cut such as Bobtail’s and Round Bottom’s while standard 1911’s can be outfitted with either a Standard profile (traditional cut which will expose the Mainspring housing pin), Beveled Bottom (the grips will be shaved at the bottom going upward at a 45 degree angle, this is a traditional cosmetic option that will expose the Mainspring housing pin) or Magwell Bottom which will go straight across the bottom and will cover the Mainspring housing pin instead of exposing it as a Standard or Standard with Bevel would. All options will sit flush with the bottom of the frame. See the attached link below for pictures of all of the profiles that we currently offer.


     *The Fourth drop down bar will address the Mag release option which is really just asking you if you would like a Thumb Notch or not. This is a personal preference. The Thumb Notch will give you easy access to drop the Magazine. We do not currently offer Thumb Notches for Left handed shooters. Take a look at the link below for pictures of both of our Thumb cuts.


     *The fifth drop down bar will ask about your Ambi Safety. You will need an Ambi Safety cut if your gun has a safety on both sides. See What is an Ambi Safety cut? for more info.



3) What if I do not see my 1911 pistol brand listed?

Our 1911 grips will fit most standard and clone 1911’s regardless of if you see your gun’s brand name listed on our 1911 menu. If you have questions about this please contact us, we will be happy to help.


4) Can I order a custom grip or color that is not shown on the website?

No, we only currently offer grips for the platforms that we have listed on our website. We cannot make a grip for a frame we do not offer. The colors that we show on our website for the particular style or weapon type are the only colors that we offer. If you do not see the color choice for the style or frame that you are looking for, we do not currently make it.


5) Does VZ Grips ship outside the U.S?

Yes, we do ship our grips and accessories internationally but we cannot send Magazines outside of the U.S. For a postal fee quote you can enter your address in the shipping estimator at the left hand side of the website page in your shopping cart once you have added an item.


6) Will I need to purchase hardware with my new VZ grips?

Unless you are switching thicknesses, you will not need new hardware as your stock screws and bushings should work fine with your new grips. If you are transitioning to a Slim-line grip from a Standard Thickness or vice versa you will need to purchase and install both our Universal Bushings and any set of our screws (as they are all universal) to accommodate for the difference in thickness. For thickness measurements and examples please click the link below.



7) What texture is right for me?

Our grip textures go from our smoothest grips-Our 320’s to grips with a serious bite, Like our VZ Recons and Diamond Backs. If you are planning to carry the weapon on a daily basis we suggest that you look at our 320’s, Gator Backs, Frags or our Elite Tactical Carry grips. These grips are considered our light to medium textured styles. If you are looking for Range and home defense, we suggest looking at our Alien and our Operator 2 grips. You won’t drop either of those babies in a sticky situation. For those who like a very aggressive bite, checkout our VZ Recons or our Diamond Backs. We realize that texture is hard to determine over the internet. Feel free to contact us if you would like to ” talk” texture.


8) What are VZ Grips made of?

Our grips are offered in several different materials including G-10, Carbon Fiber, Canvas, Linen and Wood. For a more detailed description of our materials please click on the link below.



9) Why does VZ Grips allow up to 14 business days for all orders?

We allow up to 14 business days for all orders as we do actually manufacture and modify our grips in house. While 14 days is really the exception rather than the rule (our average lead time is about a week), There are some cases during our busier times when it could be several weeks until you receive your order. Keep in mind when you are ordering a modification to your grip by using the drop down bar (ex. Beveled Bottom, Thumb Notch, Super Scoop, Bobtail Bottom etc..)  those are cuts that are made after the order is placed and take approximately 24-48 hours to complete even if the base grip is in stock. If you need the grips quickly, feel free to contact us for a stock check and an approximate timeline.


10) Are my VZ Grips made in the U.S.A.?

Yes, we are located right here in Tallahassee, Florida in the good old U.S.A. We manufacture all of our gun grips in house with pride.


11) Once my order is placed, can I cancel or change it?

No. Once an order is placed we cannot cancel or change it. Please carefully review your order before submitting it. We pull orders from the website and begin to manufacture and modify grips in order to ensure the quickest delivery possible, changes in orders slow down this process. If you have any questions about your order please contact us before you place it.


12) What are O-Rings and do I need them?

We recommend the O-Rings instead of Loctite. They are not a requirement  but do act as friction to help keep the screws seated especially when doing a lot of shooting at the Range. For a diagram of how the O-Rings should be installed click below.



13) Does VZ offer Custom Engravings?

Yes, we can engrave your logo or image on almost any of our 1911 grips styles. We can also engrave or number Magazines and  we can even customize Yeti merchandise. For information on engravings or to get a time frame or quote please contact Justin at the email address in the link below.



14) How can I locate an authorized VZ Grips dealer near me?

You can click on the link below and enter your address to find the dealer closest to you.



15) How can I become a VZ Grips authorized dealer?

If you are interested in becoming a dealer please click on the link below and fill out the form and email it to dealers@vzgrips.com