Double Diamond Marblewood

Double Diamond Marblewood

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I am pleased to bring you these traditional Double Diamond stocks made out of our natural hardwoods. Through some trial and error, I believe we got it just right. After taking a close look at what is on the market today, I can honestly say these are the very best you'll find. Each grip is hand finished after they are precisely cut with our CNC machines. Not only are they beautiful, but functional as like everything else we make. If you are looking for that classy look you can't go wrong with these grips.

  • Color: Heartwood is yellow to golden brown, with irregular brown, purple, or black streaks. Paler sapwood is about one inch thick and is solid yellow, lacking the contrasting streaks found in the heartwood.

  • Grain: Tend to be straight or slightly interlocked; texture is medium with open pores.

NOTE: Remember these are natural woods so the grain pattern and color can vary from grip to grip. We take time in our finishing process to inspect and match your set so you are getting only the highest quality product.


Frame: Full Size

Thickness: Standard

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UseSoft Hands, Display
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Price: $79.00